Monday, January 3, 2011

Cookie Party

I really wanted to have a fun little cookie decorating party for the kids and their friends, but I kept putting it off because we were busy/I knew people were going out of town/I wanted it to be perfect/insert other lame excuse here. After reading this post by my friend Laura over at Housewife on Fire I decided to JUST DO IT! So what if everything wasn’t perfect and everyone couldn’t make it. The kids will have a good time, and that’s what is important, right?!

Well, the kids *did* have a good time. Granted, half the party involved running around the house and screaming like banshees rather than decorating cookies. But, it was fun. I’m happy that a few friends could make it. Hopefully we will have a better turn-out next year!

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  1. And it was perfect! Although Nathan didn't think Natalie's brown frosting looked too great. She's silly!

  2. What a cute family!! We miss you guys! Hope AZ is treating you well. What is your email and I'll add you as a blogger on our site?


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