Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Foto February- Day 9

Today we went to the park after school. The park up by the kids' school is pretty nice. We usually go there every Wednesday after school, because Emma has a speech therapy appointment over in Scottsdale, and I hate to drive ll the way home, then a little bit later drive all the way back, basically passing their school on the way to the appointment. (Whoa...was that a long run-on sentence, or what?!) So, I take a picnic lunch and we play at the park for a while.

Most Wednesdays some of the kids' friends from school come, too, but today everyone had things they had to do.

That is one nice thing about having multiples...there is always someone to play with. :)

Michael & Emma rockin' the rock wall. They are both really good at it! Michael always asks if he is like Spiderman when he's climbing.

Katelynn swinging.

She's gotten pretty good at pumping all by herself. I was swinging next to her, and she was telling me all about how she likes to 'sleep' while she swings. She said she closes her eyes, and feels the sun and the wind, and pretends like she is sleeping, only she really isn't because she is still swinging. Ha ha ha! I told her that I loved to do that when I was a kid, too. They love it when I tell them things about when I was a kid, and when I tell them things about when they were younger. Sometimes it makes me feel bad, though, because I don't remember a ton of stuff from when they were babies. When people ask me how it was having 3 newborns, I usually tell them, "I don't know. That whole first year or so is a blur!"

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  1. I feel the same way, having a baby has been all new because I really don't remember the boys' first year that well. I think I blocked it out!


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