Friday, April 22, 2011

Visiting Daddy at Work

This month Scott's rotation is at the school's clinic, and it has been sooooooooo nice. He is around a lot more, and it has been so awesome. It's like a little preview to what it might be like to have him working 'office hours' after he is an established doctor. Woot! It's great for him to be on an 'easy' rotation after being gone all of last month.

Since he is so close we have been able to go visit him at the office a couple times. He loves to show off his kids, plus whenever people find out he has triplets they always want to meet them. So, we took them in to meet the office staff and his supervising doctor. Here are a couple of pictures we took outside the clinic after visiting him one day.

BTW...doesn't Scott look so cute in his white coat?! Ow ow!! Lol!

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