Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Party

Grandma & Grandpa wanted to have a little birthday party for the kids while we were up there, even though it was a month past their birthday.

Grandma & Aunt Cindy made some delicious cakes!

Aunt Jaime & cousin Rebecca seem to be enjoying the festivities.

The kids liked their birthday cards with money inside. We took the kids to Toys R Us to spend their birthday money a few days later. (I didn't think about getting pictures of them with their spoils, and now everything is opened and not together, of course.)

Emma chose a Polly Pocket house that came with a Polly & lots of accessories, and a My Little Pony named Applejack.

Katelynn chose a set of 4 Disney Princesses with accessories that are the same size as Polly, and a plastic tote bag filled with flip-flops and sunglasses.

Michael chose a penguin Pillow Pet.

It was a nice little party!

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  1. I look like a total dweeebis in that picture! Wasn't that the day I was working at the house and didn't shower and was totally disgusting?! I should be appauled, but I'm not. Maybe that's because I'm so tired.


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