Sunday, July 17, 2011

End of School

The last week of school was bittersweet. I can't believe how fast the year went by! When I walked into Katelynn's class and saw the "Class of 2023" banner, I got all choked up. My babies are growing up so fast!

In each class they did a little presentation for the parents. They staggered the presentation start times, which I was very grateful for!

Michael recited "The Three Kittens" with two other students.

Michael & Mrs. McGinty

Michael & his buddy Karsten

Emma recited "Baa Baa Black Sheep" with two other students.

Emma with Ms. Kosan

 In Katelynn's class they did all the recitations with their whole class. 

 Katelynn & Mrs. Perkins

Posing with Jenn, my co-homeroom mom  

 Another shot with Mrs. Perkins

And with Mrs. Forsythe, Mrs. Perkins' aide. 

Emma & Emma 
 Emma, Kira &Hannah

 Maggie, Katelynn & Hallie
 Katelynn, Jenna & Katelynn (yes, it's spelled the same!!)
 Samantha, Elizabeth & Michael
 Bronson & Michael
 Jordan, Michael, Weston & Neha(?)
 Maggie & Katelynn
 Katelynn, David & Michael

I took a picture of the kids behind the car when we got home so I could compare their growth with the first day of school.

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  1. It's really hard to believe that they're already in 1st grade!


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