Wednesday, July 27, 2011


While we were in Utah I was also able to get together for a playdate with a couple of my friends from UVMOM (Utah Valley Mothers of Multiples). I've actually known Lyndsie a lot longer, though. We were in the same BYU married student ward, so we went through the trials of trying to get pregnant together, then worked on restarting the MOMs group after she had her twins & while I was pregnant with my triplets. We met Heidi through UVMOM, and have been good friends with her these many years. It's crazy that we all met so long ago, and now our kids are becoming so grown up!


  1. Oh this reminds me Jillian, in my ward here in Michigan we have a mom who has a set of triplets who are 10 and then 8 year old twins. Can you imagine that one?!? : )


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