Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

** I have not posted for a loooong time, so I am just going through my pictures and posting a bunch of random things that have happened in the last little while. Enjoy! **

Back in August before school started the kids wanted to go to the park one day. It was super hot, but I obliged. It was the WRONG thing to do! UGH! It took forever to get there, 'cause the kids kept stopping, then by the time we got there they were so hot and tired they didn't want to play! So, we ate our picnic lunch, stayed in the shade for a few minutes, then headed home. 

Oh and I forgot...on the way home Katelynn was having a hard time and was not wanting to ride her bike, so Emma & Michael went ahead of us on the trail. They got so far ahead that I couldn't see them anymore, so I was worried about them while I was trying to drag Katelynn down the trail. Luckily they just went home and got there safely, but still...Oi!!

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  1. You're a brave woman! Reminds me of the time I did that in Utah, but Oaks was in the stroller and we walked 5 miles to Target in 103 degrees. I was wearing black. Yep, just call me a dummy! Glad you didn't have any causalities!


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