Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Morning at the Park

A few weeks ago the kids woke up on Saturday morning wanting to go to the park and practice soccer. I had been on the fence about whether to sign them up for soccer again this year, so I thought it would be a good to go and see how interested they actually were in playing soccer. It was a beautiful morning, and we got there nice and early so it wasn't too hot yet. 

First, they practiced kicking the ball up the hill.

Then we headed over to the playground. Michael--Rock 'n Roll! 

The kids are pretty good at swinging by themselves now. They are great at pumping! 

This is the least silly face I got out of Katelynn. She has this thing for making the goofiest faces whenever I pull out the camera. 

Hi, Michael! 

Playing goalie. 

Going for the goal. 

The kids decided to climb the trees. With no low branches to grab onto, the kids had to come up with some different methods to get up the trees. There's the bottom boost... 

the back-stand... 

and the head boost. 

Now that's using your head! 

The kids joined another girl at the park to play some t-ball. Swing, batter batter, swing! 


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  1. The last picture of Michael in the tree reminds me of the pictures of David in the tree when he was little!


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