Thursday, January 12, 2012

Family News

A few big things have happened in the last few days. Scott's Mom had brain surgery on Tuesday to put in a stent. She stayed in the ICU, then was released from the hospital on Wednesday. From what I hear she is doing well, and we hope and pray for her good health and a smooth recovery.

Also, Scott's Grandpa Stark passed away on Wednesday. He would have been 90 years old on February 7th. He lived a good life, and was ready to reunite with his wife. We do not know yet when his memorial service will be. Hopefully we will be able to attend.

Scott is in Texas right now for residency interviews. He & his friend Shaun (that he drove out with) arrived Tuesday night and stayed with my Mom & sisters, then headed up to Frisco on Wednesday. His first two interviews are on Thursday. We are praying he does well on his interviews, 'cause their outcomes will greatly affect our life for the next 3 years!

It's funny, because I had a dentist appointment on Monday and they scheduled my next appointment for 6 months from now, and it really hit me that we don't know for sure where we will be in 6 months! It will all just depend on where we go for residency whether we will be here or not. It hit me like a ton of bricks! It is a strange feeling to not know for sure where you will be in only a few short months. But, life is full of changes. All we can do is trust our Father in Heaven, hope & pray for the best, and hang on for the ride!

*BTW- Jaime, I hope it's okay that I basically copied your blog post. I tweaked it a little... :)

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