Tuesday, March 13, 2012

He's Got the Whole World...

I was sitting in Primary on Sunday doing "crowd control" while the teachers were in a training meeting. During Singing Time they were singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands". Emma, Katelynn & their friend Chloe joined hands, and were dancing and swaying. It was so funny. Generally we don't take pictures at church, but I had to whip out my camera and snap a few pics!

After Katelynn saw that I had my camera out, she wanted me to take a picture of her with the shamrock she was able to pick out of the bucket to choose the next song.

And, yes, I do let the girls do their own hair a lot of the time and choose the accessories, even if they do not match AT ALL. I tried to convince her that flower didn't match, but there was no changing her mind. Ha ha!

Side note: I think we should take more pictures at church. How much of our lives are spent there, and how important is it to us?! I mean, it's a big part of our lives!! I'm not saying we should take pictures during the actual sacrament, since it is a sacred ordinance, but why not take a few pictures of what goes on in Primary?!

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  1. Here, here! I agree! More pics at church, more pics at church!!! I told David to try to sneak a pic while Oakley gave her first talk, but Oakley didn't really cooperate, so David didn't take a pic.


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