Friday, April 6, 2012

Start Spreadin' the News...

We are excited to announce that Scott matched with a residency program in NEW YORK!! It is so crazy, but we are super excited. The residency is in Johnson City/Binghamton, which is in the Southern Tier of New York. It is about 3 1/2-4 hours northwest of NYC. Scott did a clerkship there back in October. He really liked the program when he was there and actually felt like that was where we would end up. But, they didn't participate in the CRIP (Centralized Residency Interview Program) that was held in Texas in January, so they told us they would contact us mid-December to let us know if they were planning to rank us high or not. We didn't hear from them, and we heard that they'd contacted a friend of ours, so we had kind of written the program off. We still liked the program, but we only ranked them #4, since we didn't think we had a chance of getting it. So, when we found out that we matched with this program we were shocked! We thought for sure we would end up in one of our top two choices. But, we are pleasantly surprised.

It will definitely be a crazy next couple of months, as we prepare to sell or rent our house, pack up the stuff we're taking, sell or get rid of the stuff we're not, and make a move to the other side of the country! The kids are excited because it snows there. They are obsessed with snow. But, Katelynn is upset because we will not be able to take our dog, Penny, and guinea pig, Furball, with us. They are her "kids". She cried for a long time after she realized. Scott was, like, "Why did you tell her?!" and I said, "She figured it out on her own!".

We won't be able to take pets with us because we will be living in an apartment, and no pets are allowed. One nice thing about this residency is that the hospital owns an apartment building across the street. A four bedroom apartment (well, technically 3 bedrooms and an "office"), including all utilities, cable, internet, little gym, & free laundromat, is only $900 per month! Plus, you save money on gas because you can walk over to work. Yay! As soon as we found out we matched there we called the housing coordinator to secure a spot! We will definitely have to get rid of a lot of stuff. We haven't lived in an apartment in years!

Another exciting thing is that Scott's friend, Burkley, is going to the same residency. When we found out, we started screaming. It will be nice to have a familiar face there. Well, a familiar face besides the people Scott met while on his clerkship.

It is such an exciting time. We are extremely grateful that Scott was able to get a residency. There is a residency shortage, so some people didn't get a residency at all and have to wait and apply next year. It will a big transition for our family, but we know it is where we are supposed to be. We've been praying that we would go to the place that would be the best for our family, and the Lord has always placed us where He in His infinite wisdom sees fit in the past. This next chapter is no different. We are grateful for the Lord and His hand guiding our little family. I know He is aware of each of us and our needs. He knows our names, and desires to bless us. Sometimes the road may be hard, but if we trust in the Lord that road will lead us back to Him.

To wrap up this post I will give you a few links, if you are curious about where we will be spending the next three years of our lives!

Binghamton Visitors Bureau-
(Binghamton is the "big" town next door)
Johnson City -
Binghamton on Wikipedia -,_New_York
Binghamton University -
(I'm thinking about possibly finishing up my bachelor's degree there. I wouldn't start until next Spring, though.)
About the residency -
Weather Averages -
(my Arizona kids are going to die! They complain in the mornings that they need a jacket 'cause it's "cold" when it's 65 degrees!)


  1. Seriously, such an exciting time! Congratulations again! And ha ha, Jillian, I'm not sure if FOUR bedrooms counts as a tiny little apartment! Sounds like a house to me!!! Good luck with the move! Moving cross country is HARD (and EXPENSIVE)!!!

  2. How fun! I am so excited for you! This is such an exciting time, I hope the move and all the preparations for it go well. Congrats!

  3. We'll be less than two hours away this summer! Maybe we should visit... miss you guys and congrats!

  4. Congrats, that sounds awesome, although very far away from us UT friends. I have a college friend who is just finishing up his residency in Fairport, NY--doesn't look close on the map, but I thought I'd pass along their blog to you because they have done lots of traveling and hiking through the area so maybe it could be of use to you? Good luck!


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