Friday, January 2, 2009

Day after Christmas Madness!

On the 26th we decided to hit the mall. They are having a great sale at The Sports Chalet. All clearance is an additional 50% off. We bought- I kid you not- SEVENTEEN (17) pairs of shoes! The best deal by far was the Salomon Gortex trail shoes for $2.48. Yes, you read that right- two dollars and forty-eight cents. When was the last time you bought shoes for that much? Because I know I never have. And these are high-quality shoes, too! Scott always finds the good deals.

After hitting the mall, we went over to Wendy's for some grub. The girls were making their Uncle Stephen proud. They were eating ketchup by the spoonful! (Uncle Steve has a penchant for ketchup.) Here is the photographic evidence.


While we were at Wendy's, Michael saw another family with french fries and kept begging us to get some. We told him that an order of fries costs almost as much as a new pair of shoes. Ha ha ha!

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  1. Sick! I hate ketchup.
    I love deals on shoes though, way to go!


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