Friday, June 26, 2009

The Beach

On Saturday of our trip to San Diego we went to Coronado Beach. It was beautiful, and the perfect day to be at the beach. I loved the smell, the breeze and the views. While I was still up on the beach, Scott and my Mom went with the kids to venture out into the water. It was such a joyful scene, to see my little family holding hands & laughing as the waves lapped up to the shore. It gave me a little glimpse of what heaven might be like, relishing the simple things and experiencing joy in our posterity.

The kids had a great time. We were there for several hours. One pastime was burying people in the sand. Each of the kids got their turn to be buried, and Scott was having a blast doing it. We also buried my sister Elizabeth, then made the sand around her look like she was a mermaid. It was pretty awesome. I had no idea Scott had such sand sculpting skills! (say that 5 times fast!)

All in all it was a beautiful day, topped off with a great meal at a local Mexican place, suggested by a guy in the guard booth at the beach. He actually showed up at the restaurant later, saying that after telling us about the place he was craving it, so he had to come!

After dinner we were back on the road to Arizona. It was a quick trip, but I'm SO glad we went!

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  1. So did you put a bucket on the kid's heads when they were in the sand? Or did you just threaten to leave them for the seagulls? Just kidding! By they way, we have pictures up of Evelyn. She's getting so big and you all haven't even met her yet!!!


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