Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Move

Whew! What can I say about the move? Long, arduous, insane, exhausting, (insert your favorite blecky word here). From Friday to Tuesday I think I had a TOTAL of 6-8 hours of sleep. Yes, TOTAL!! Dr. Pepper was my friend that weekend.

Here is a picture of the girls helping pack. Katelynn & Emma actually packed that box of DVDs. I was impressed.

This is what Michael was doing while the girls were packing. Lol!

Getting the truck was a fiasco and a half. When Scott called to check on the reservation, they said it would be available at 5. He said, "Oh, we don't need it that early!" They said, "No, that's 5 pm." Crap! That was a problem, 'cause the guys who were coming to help out from the church were supposed to be at our house at 8 to load the truck. The U-Haul people told Scott that they opened at 8 am and he could come get it then. So, we went over there about 20 till 8, and there was a HUGE line. Then, when it was (finally) Scott's turn they said they didn't have the size we RESERVED available . Luckily, someone came up to the counter right then with the size truck we needed and Scott was able to get it. While Scott was getting the truck, I met the guys at the house and had them start to take stuff out to the lawn. Once the truck got there they were able to take 2 loads over, then during the rest of the day Scott and I took over another load or two. (Yes, we have a lot of crap stuff)

While the guys from church were helping Scott load and unload the truck, I took the kids over to a friend's house to play. They have triplets 5 months older than ours, so the kids had a blast playing. After the helpers left and I picked up the kids we just kept working and working and working ALL WEEKEND! We took a break on Sunday to go to church, then more and more working.

On Monday I had a doctor's appointment that I wanted Scott to attend. (side note: NO, I didn't NOT want Scott to attend because I have any kind of news whatsoever to share or announce. I just hate going to an appointment with a new doctor alone, and I feel that more of my questions are answered when he is there and when he tells the doc he's in med school. That is all. The End.) During the appointment some friends of ours watched the kiddos (thanks, guys!), then afterward-- your guessed it-- more and more work! We finally got the last of our stuff out and the last of the cleaning, touch-up painting, etc. finished Wednesday.

It was a very long weekend, and I'm glad to say that we are getting things unpacked and organized here at the new house. It's nice to put things away, knowing we will be here for a few years. I think it's shaping up to be a nice place!


  1. Looks like Michael's in true guy form already.

    Isn't that weird how you get more answers when your hubby's around. I have the same thing. Hmmmmm...

    I'm glad you're moved in. Such a relief!

  2. Wow I hate moving. It was a pain even when it was just me and my stuff. I don't like to think about moving an entire family. Yuck! Good job though--you deserve a day of relaxation.

  3. Typical man, sleeping while the women work. Ha ha! Moving stinks. You're lucky to have so much help. I'm glad it turned out well for you. Happy unpacking!


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