Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phoenix Zoo

At the beginning of Scott's break we decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo as a family. We were able to get in for FREE because they were having a special Family Zoo Day sponsored by Fry's. So, if you showed them your Fry's VIP card at the ticket counter you got 2 free admissions to the zoo. And, on top of that, if you had a receipt from Albertson's for buying any Al Fresco sausage product you got a free child's admission. Score!!

It was a gorgeous day for the zoo--not too hot and overcast, so the animals were out!! It's a pretty neat zoo. The pathways are really nice, and there's a section where it's like you've been transported to South America and the animals are along this path through the jungle.
1) Emma hammin' it up.
2) Michael brushing a goat.
3) Katelynn brushing a goat.
4) Katelynn cheesin' for the camera.
5) Michael riding a "horse" with Scott. Scott was doing the "William Tell Overture" while bouncing Michael on the horse, and he was loving it!
6) Emma brushing a goat. They had a really good time in the petting zoo.
7) A spider monkey, up close and personal. They have this really neat exhibit (the only one of its' kind in North America) where you go into this huge cage and are right there next to the monkeys. The kids, especially Michael, were in Monkey Heaven!
8) A family pic in front of the "Savannah".

It was a great trip to the zoo. We were there well past closing time, and the workers didn't even care because they were busy feeding the animals. If you haven't gone to the Phoenix Zoo yet it's worth checking out! (but I would search online to see if you can get any good deals first, 'cause it is not cheap!)


  1. The zoo is always a fun place to go - and even better when it is free - good find! ..and Cute pictures too!

  2. We love the zoo! I was pretty disappointed that we didn't go during the break. We had fabulous intentions, it just never happened for us! Good for you for getting to go!


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